10 July 2009

Almost done

Summer school that is.... I have today and I have Monday and that's it. Yea!!! I have a lot to do this weekend, things I didn't get done last weekend because my friend was visiting. Plus I have a bird club meeting on Sunday and I have to take Lola to the vet on Saturday, another busy weekend. Plus I have school work to do, ugh!!! I should also look for some term life insurance, I've been wanting to do that forever yet never seem to get around to it. At least I'll be able to nap when I want to and not entertain a visitor.

Today I have to get fingerprinted by the Catholic Church. Because I'll be teaching in a Catholic School the Catholic Diocese is doing the background check on me. Fun stuff. Meanwhile I should be planning what I'm going to do today but instead I'm blogging :) Oh well!!!

I need to get some activity in. I think this weekend I'm going to do some, but I'm not going to get crazy or start obsessing. I'm just going to do something on Saturday and on Sunday. That's all, no craziness, just get out and move. I really, really have to find a balance. I was thinking about that today as I was getting the bird's breakfast ready. I can incorporate anything into my life, including 30 minutes to feed the birds when I first wake up, but I need to find a space for it and not let it take over my life. That's how exercise fit before. I had a space for it in my life and outside of that space it didn't exist during my day, that's not completely true but close. So maybe that's what I need to do, just find a spot for it. Use my scheduling genius, find a spot for it, and put it there everyday. Hmm... That may work, I'll have to noodle that for a while.

Thursday night my class goes until a little after 9. I generally don't get home until 9:30 or 9:45, making Friday a very tiring morning. Luckily there are only 5 more weeks of this class. Yea!!!

Okay, I could keep finding things to write about all day, I have to get some things done this morning.

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