27 September 2009

Good weekend

I plan on being very active these two weeks I'm off even if that activity is doing chores around the house. I'll be working out every morning and biking riding and such but I'm also doing some major house cleaning, more like spring cleaning. 

I've also spent some time today getting this laptop up and running all my stuff.  I didn't have iTunes on this so I had to load that and now I'm loading up all my music. I also had to load all the drivers for all my toys, my GPS, my Kodak camera, my husband's Canon camera, my Sony, and a bunch of other stuff. I don't even know all the stuff that I use but every time I go to do something I realize I have to load the drivers for it. {{sigh}} So I've sat here a little more then I wanted to today.

Now I'm off to have some dinner and watch the season premier of Desperate Housewives. I can't wait!!!!

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