16 November 2009

Habit or Hungry??

I'm on my own this week. Hubby is working nights all week long so I'm on my own for dinner all week. I came home tonight after going for a run, showered and read my email. I then headed out to the kitchen to make dinner. As I'm looking around at what's in the fridge, nothing appeals to me. I finally pulled some hamburger out and I'm thinking of a little hamburger goulash type thing with tons of veggies. As I'm planning this in my head I realized that it doesn't would appealing at all. I stopped and said to the dogs, "am I eating because I'm hungry or because I think I should?" I'm not hungry so why should I force myself to eat dinner? I think I'll just wait a little while. If I get hungry I can make something later or have a bowl of cereal or oatmeal. Actually a bowl of oatmeal sounds pretty good. That just may be dinner. Whatever happens I'm not going to eat just because the clock says I should. That's how I got this way to begin with. Instead of making a dinner I really don't want I need to head out and look at our patio cushions. The dogs stay on the patio during the day and the cushions were all over the place. I need to see if they destroyed them. The food will be there when I'm done.

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Happy New Year

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