25 November 2009

A note for posterity

After screwing around all morning because I had off and could, I headed to do my strength session at 9:30. I'd only had coffee and a small piece of banana since I got up at 6. The workout I do is a full body cardio interval strength workout so I am constantly moving and most of the time gasping for air. So I started pretty hard because I was feeling good and wanted to get a good workout in since I haven't worked out in three days. So I'm going along, pushing hard when it gets hard to breathe. Hmmm....maybe I shouldn't push quite so hard. Then I'm getting nauseous. Oh great!! So I had to scale my workout back a little, not push so hard, and fight nausea the rest of it. What a wonderful workout. So, note to self: eat earlier or don't wait so long to workout.

Now I have some errands to run. I have to get a package mailed out and look for some rv financing no, ummmm, home financing since we found a house we love. But I'm not talking about that because I don't want to jinx it.

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