So what's going on here?

Busy, busy, busy..... I've been working and trying to get all my various commitments met. It's been exhausting. However, the morning workouts seem to be going well. I got up Monday and Tuesday and did my strength training in the mornings. The evening ones haven't been going so well though. Monday I had a parent conference after school and only got in a 30 minute elliptical. Tuesday I was going to run but I forgot a top. Hmmm....was that a subconscious act?? Speaking of which, I have to put a top in my bag before I forget. I am running tomorrow. I was going to run this morning but I had to be somewhere fairly early and I slept longer then I thought I would. I was going to run tonight but I was working and it got dark quickly, plus it's been raining most of the day. So unless I had some outdoor lighting and an umbrella, a run ain't happening tonight. I know these are all excuses. I'm very aware of that and I'm aware of why I'm making them. Awareness is definitely the first step. What can I say, I'm a work in progress.


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