31 January 2010

New Month, New Attitude

I am generally a fresh start kind of person. I generally love new years, new months, new weeks, hell, even brand new days.  It's a time to start over because I am not perfect and things I plan never go exactly right.  So a new start allows me another chance.  This new years, due to the whole buying a house and everything, I did not really look at it as a fresh start. There was so much stuff being carried over from the old year that it made it kind of hard to think of it as new.  Well, that's not me and I'm not going to let that happen for the new month.

Yesterday I made a plan for eating for the week and then I went shopping.  I am ready to tackle this.  Starting tomorrow, February 1st, all the bad eating of the past few months is over.  I am making a new start and things will be different this month.  I have some plans for the month:

  1. Follow my weekly eating plan 90% of the time.  Once this becomes a habit it really won't be a problem at all. 
  2. Move everyday.  I'm not going to lay out big workout goals because at this point I know that's not realistic.  I just want to move everyday.  I'm going to start by doing a little yoga in the mornings and stretching before bed. We also walk the dogs everyday.  I know myself enough to know that once I get a week or so of good eating under my belt I'm going to want to do more and that's good, but I'm not pushing it. 
That is all.  Nothing crazy or overly ambitious.  Small steps.

I have taking to carrying my netbook with me everywhere and I may use that to track things.  It's a little Acer Aspire, wait a second, no it's not, or maybe it is, I forget :) Maybe I'll get an iPad and use that. Ha!!! That will be the day.....

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