27 March 2010

I think that is what has been missing from my life

Exercise.  Ever since I started this whole teaching thing my exercise level has gone way down.  Between teaching school, having to prepare lessons, plus going to school, I have had little time to work out. Or so I told myself.  Yesterday was my most active day in a long, long time.  I did the ellipitical in the morning for 30 minutes.  Walked the dogs around 4.  Then after dinner rode the stationary bike for 30 minutes.  Last night I was tired and slept pretty good.  It's not an insane amount and it wasn't really high intensity (I hardly broke a sweat on the bike) but it felt good to be active and moving.  This morning I feel great and actually got out of bed a few minutes before I had to.  Yeah!!!  So I'm going to stick to my new routine for at least 2 weeks and see how it goes.  I think it will help a lot.

While I rode the bike I started reading articles for my thesis topic.  I also had, what I think, is a pretty good idea about my topic.  So if the bike does nothing but helps me progress on my thesis that is a huge bonus. In a side note, I've got stuff for my thesis all over the place.  I have 3 computers, my desktop computers, actually only one of them, my laptop and a netbook. I want to keep all my info on the netbook because that is the one I'm going to actually write my thesis on, but the only one that prints is the desktop so I have to send everything to there to print. It gets very confusing what is where. Maybe I should just keep everything on a thumb drive and move it between computers, that way it's all in one place.....

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