26 March 2010

Sometimes I wonder about me

There is a commercial on TV for a quit smoking aid (I forget which one) and the person in the ad says something to the effect of they have tried to quit smoking so many times and failed but it was just preparing them for the final time.  I'm not paraphrasing it very well but basically the previous attempts were practice for the one that worked.  I kind of feel that way with losing weight.  I've done it and I've been successful at it but then I regained some.  For the last year or so I have been on a slowly upward creep.  I want that upward creep to stop and I want to lose some.  I've said a thousand times that I'm starting over and this time is it.  Then something comes along and I get sidetracked and boom, that attempt fails. I purchased expensive gadgets to motivate me, and they do - for a while.  I've tried all kinds of eating programs and workout programs and..... you name it I've tried it or at least seriously considered it.  But nothing has worked.  I don't like the way I feel and I'm not happy with the way my clothes look.  Forget about the way I look naked, we won't even go there.  So it's time to try one more time and hopefully this will be the time that works.

I'm going to follow a few simple rules:

  1. No sweets.   That's it.  No candy, cake, ice cream, nothing like that.  I have a blood sugar issue and really don't need to be eating this things anyway.  
  2. No snacking.  I've noticed that since I started with the whole 5-6 meals a day I've steadily gained weight. No more.  3 meals and that's it.  
  3. Whole natural food only.  No processed junk, no heavily preserved stuff, food as close to the way nature made it as possible. 
  4. Eating on a small plate.  I did that for a while and I started to feel really good.  Using a snack size plate for dinner was great and visually appealing since it looked full. 
  5. No eating after 7 pm. 
  6. Workout every day. 

School starts again next week so this really shouldn't be too hard.  I will pack my lunch everyday for the entire week.

Now,  I need to come up with some good breakfast ideas.  I stopped drinking milk about a month ago because I realized I was lactose intolerant.  But for the past 2 weeks I've been having the most awesome breakfast - oatmeal, almond milk, whey protein, yogurt - and I think the whey and the yogurt are beating up on my digestive system.  Also, they fall into the highly processed catagory so they are pretty much out.  But I need a good breakfast.  It has to be something I can make and take.  I used to make breakfast burritos - maybe I'll go back to that. I have to think about it.  Lunches are easy, salad, sandwich, whatever - breakfast is the tough one.

Okay, I have a plan and I'm ready to give it a go.  Time to put the work gloves and get busy. I'm off to work out.

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