It's been a few days...

Things are just really busy and there is no time to blog. We are rapidly approaching the end of the semester at school and everything needs to be done. Now... It's getting crazy. One good thing, I sign my new contract tomorrow so I have a job next year. Guess I won't be starting that job search I was thinking of. I will be gainfully employed for another year.. Woo Hoo....

This year was a huge learning curve for me. I took all these classes that tell you what it's going to be like when you teach and you know what?? All that information means absolutely nothing until you are standing in front of a group of teenagers who are waiting for you to be brilliant. As we are nearing the end of the year I can now see so many mistakes I made. But, one of the good things about teaching is, I get a do-over. Next August a whole new group of kids will walk in and I get to start all over again. It's fabulous. But this blog is not about teaching, it's about my health and fitness journey.

And that hasn't been the greatest. Last weekend I got sick. This week I've been recovering, today I feel almost 100%. So workouts haven't really been there. Next weekend the parrot club is doing the Pet Expo, so I'll be there most of the weekend. Then, as I said, the end of the semester is right around the corner. So much to be done in so little time....It's going to be a wild couple of weeks.... So I've given myself some slack, do what I can, when I can and as soon as school ends the serious workouts begin again.

So there you have it, this week in a nutshell. Now I have to go look over some stuff for tomorrow's class....


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