15 July 2010

For the 4,832,958,939 time - here we go again.....

There is a TV ad about quitting smoking that says all the times I tried to quit before were just practice for this time.  So that's how I'm going to view this time too.  All the previous times have just been practice, this is the real one.

I started the day with a first thing in the morning weigh-in. Thankfully I did not see the number I saw last night - yeah!!!  But it's still not great.  My new scale also measures % fat, % water, bone mass, and muscle mass.  Since weight fluctuates so much from day to day, I'm going to record all the data for at least a month and get averages on all the numbers. I'm going to plot everything on a graph so that I can see how it changes.  I need to get a handle on this.

For me, information is power. The more I know about something, the better I can deal with it.  For example, I've been fighting a sweet tooth for years.  I absolutely can not resist sugar and once I eat it I generally keep eating it.  Then I did a test at home and discovered that I have underdeveloped taste buds.  I can't resist sugar because I don't taste it as strongly as others do.  Hello!!  Once I knew what was going on I was much better equipped to fight my sugar cravings.  I still give in to them but not near as much since I know I'm never going to win.  So the more I know the better for me. 

So there it is.  More information means more power.  I'm also using the FitBit that I got to try and increase my overall activity level.  I am very sedentary being at home right now - that will change when I return to work.  So I'm trying to up my calorie burn to 3,000 a day.  We'll see how that goes today. 

I have some errands to run today too.  I need to go to the open market to buy some veggies, we are incredibly low.  I also need to run and pick up our taxes - they are finally done.  Finally I need to stop at the store.  When we moved it seems we threw away all our flashlights.  I'm not sure why or how but I can't find them anywhere.  Since we are in hurricane season I like to be sure to have some around all the time.  The local hardware store has a one day sale on maglite led flashlights so I'm going to head over and pick a couple up. I have to run, the dogs are going crazy - I mean crazy in the house. I have to open the door so they can be insane outside.

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