13 March 2011

Moving On

After what feels like weeks being sick, not being able to run because of a heel problem, generally eating out of control, and being much too slothlike, I am done and moving on. I feel pretty good today - not 100% but about 85%. I have a half marathon in 5 weeks that I'm not going to do well at but I still want to do. So beginning today I am moving on. I am going to do some general cleaning up and organizing, then I am going to do some activity. Not sure what form that will take yet, I may take Bella for a long walk, I may play some Wii, I may do both, who knows? But the moving begins again today. The eating reasonably begins again today. Starting tomorrow I'm back on WW and tracking every thing that enters my mouth. I'm completely over being sick and feeling like crap so I am choosing not to do it anymore. That is all.

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