05 March 2011

Update on the day

So I did not finish everything on my to-do list and I ended up taking a nap, but that's all okay.  I got much more accomplished then I would have without my list and I love that I didn't waste the entire day.  A nap was okay because I worked out for an hour then took Bella to the beach and we walked around for about an hour.  It was awesome.

I was watching TV last night and saw a piece on Ruby. She is the woman who has her own reality show on her losing weight. She was on a shopping spree to Lane Bryants for sexy costumes for a date she was going on. That is just one thing I never really got into - sexy underwear. I like to look nice but I just never really got into the whole matching sets and little lacy numbers. Probably because I was always so big on top little sexy, lacy things didn't work for me. Anyway, I have no idea why I'm talking about this....

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Late this morning

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