14 April 2011

I am done

I have said that so many, many times in the past. I have declared that I am done feeling this way and am going to change things. I have proclaimed from the mountain tops that I will workout and track my food. And I'm doing it again.

See here's the thing. I get frustrated with working out and watching what I eat and nothing happening. Then I stop tracking...or I stop working out..and that goes on for awhile..then I start to feel tired...and fat...and lazy...Then I realize that I have to workout in order to feel good.

So, after a couple of weeks of really slacking, I am ready to start up again. Tomorrow. I'm starting to wear my FitBit again. I'm going to use their food tracker to keep track of the food I eat. I'm going to get up in the morning and workout. I need to start and tomorrow, my 52nd birthday, is as good a time as any.

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