01 July 2011

The mind is a powerful thing

I've known this for years, but it's only lately that I really know it. Lately, I have been harnessing the power of my mind to get through my life. I work until 10 pm and can't go to sleep right when I get home, so I'm usually up until 11ish. The birds wake up at 5:45 every single day, never fail. Initially I was thinking this is not enough sleep for me and I would walk around tired all day. But once I put it out of my mind and decided that it was plenty of sleep - I felt fine.

Once I cleaned off my desk and didn't feel so snowed under with paperwork, I've actually been able to keep on top of things and become more productive.

Along with that, once I went through all the mail and opened all the bills I found things weren't as bad as they seemed. Then, in a complete shocker, I realized yesterday that our financial situation will change next month instead of in September like I originally thought. Do you know how awesome that is??? My goal in the back of my mind was to have all this financial mess cleaned up by the end of the year. Looks like that is going to happen. Woo Hoo!!! We can start the new year fresh. You don't know what a load that is off my mind. At one point we were considering payday advance loans to help us make it through. It didn't come to that, but it was darn close.

Now, my mind is set on running. This morning is the start of week 2 on couch to 5k. Today the run ups to 90 seconds (it had been 60) but the break is longer, 2 minutes as compared to 90 seconds. I do that 6 times. Wow!! I'm really getting back into running. Awesome!!!My new shoes are on the way and they should get here just in time for when I up my running. Things are going well and I'm excited. The mind is a powerful tool.

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