10 July 2011

Morning Run

It wasn't quite this early but it felt it. I met up with a friend visiting from China. She's been doing Couch to 5k for about a month longer than me so is more advanced than me. But she agreed to meet up this morning and run. One word: Awesome. I forgot how great it is to run with a partner. Don't get me wrong, I am most definitely a solo runner. I enjoy my music and my contemplation as I run. But every once in a while it is nice to run with a partner. We chatted, although she did most of the talking by far, and it was great fun. The real benefit is that I ran farther and faster than I normally do and that is awesome. I had zero pain anywhere, probably because I just didn't think about it. And it was a beautiful morning. There were tons of people out this morning. Runners. Bikers. Women in scrub tops and shorts. Okay, I seriously do not know what that was all about but hey, scrubs are comfortable. It was an awesome morning out there.

It is runs like this that make me think I just might be a runner again some day.

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Happy New Year

So here it is. 2018. We had some friends over last night and it was fun. Thankfully, everyone left by 10 pm and we headed to bed by 11 pm...