08 July 2011


I live by routines, I imagine most people do in one form or another. I get up in the morning, put coffee on, feed the birds, have a cup of coffee. It's the exactly same thing every morning - of course that is partly due to the birds too, they looooooove routine. Some people find routines constricting and stifling. Not me. I find that by having a routine for things it actually frees my mind and allows me to be more creative. By following a routine and not having to think about what's going on, my mind is allowed to wander and use it's creative side more. I find that is really true with running. Once I have a pace and route down, my mind takes off in a thousand different directions. I've solved many of the world's problems while running, and some of my own too :)

In a mind-blowing revelation this morning, I realized something. I keep trying to make morning exercise a habit. That's the wrong approach. I need to make it a routine. I need to establish a firm routine for the morning that involves working out. Right now it's pretty easy because I'm off school. I get up, drink coffee, hang around for awhile, run when I feel like it....etc. Nice, but not a routine I can continue once school starts. So I'm going to start building a new morning routine. One that I can live with and work out with during the school year. It does not involve me getting up early - yet - just not lazing around goofing off. It will look something like this:

  • Get up
  • Put coffee on
  • Feed the birds
  • Drink coffee
  • Workout
  • Shower 
  • Dress
  • Do whatever.....
This will require a little discipline on my part. No sitting down at the computer before my workout.  No sitting around for an hour or two before my workout.  I need to get up and moving as quickly as possible.  It's not that hard, I just need to do it. So I will.....

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