Slowly making progress

People keep saying life is a marathon not a sprint. If that's the case slow progress is better than fast progress since I have to sustain it longer. Right? Right? Well, I'm telling myself that.

Last night I had dessert for the first time in a week. I had 2 cinnamon sticks from Pizza Hut and a small piece of chocolate cake with some 50/50 ice cream. It was good but it was not worth feeling crappy over. Having this every night makes me feel like h*ll - it's definitely not worth that. But it was a nice treat. That's what I need to keep it at - a treat.

So last night I worked from 12-8:30. Odd hours those. I had lunch/dinner at 4:30. By the time I got home at 8:45 I was a little hungry. Not enough to want to eat a meal but I needed something before bed or I would have woken up this morning starving. I ended up having one piece of pizza and the aforementioned cinnamon sticks, ice cream and cake. Not too terrible when you look at the whole day but not a habit I want to get back into.

Today I work from 2-10, a little bit less. More important is that I'm going to eat normally today. I'm also going to walk Bella and do some things around the house. I'm off....


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