14 September 2011

Always waiting on something

I always feel like I waiting on something. A date. An event. Something to happen. Always. Waiting , waiting, waiting..... This week I'm waiting for Friday to get here. Friday is the Aloha Show at school that I have been working on. Friday is the day it is all over. The last 2 weeks have been very stressful and crazy with all kinds of weird stuff. Oh, also the administration at school lost their freaking minds and started doing some bizarre things. That helps a lot, thanks. So stress has been my constant companion for a couple of weeks now. But it all ends Friday. Actually, it's pretty much over. Everything is done it's just a matter of bringing it all together. That happens tomorrow at 1:30. In other news, I got a fellowship in the New Science Teachers Academy of the National Science Teachers Assoc. It's a very cool thing and I'm really excited to have gotten it. I get a mentor, some publications, and a trip to the national convention. Cool. So that is exciting. The convention is in March and I'd really like to fit into the long pants that I own. So that's kind of my goal. I'm going to get back to working out now and try to lose some weight. I have 6 months and I'm tired of waiting. The time is now and it's time to start.

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