24 November 2011

Live the lifestyle

It's funny how sometimes a random comment will set things off in my head. Last week at WW someone said, "You can't be a 150lb person and live the lifestyle of a 300lb person." That really started a train of thought in my head that has been going all week.

When I was at my fittest (not necessarily my thinnest) I lived the life of a fit person. I was always doing something, I would get up in the morning and run or bike. I would work until 5pm, get home around 6pm then go for a swim or do some weights. I had the energy to do all these things and I did them. On the weekends I would bike 20 miles to WW meeting and then bike home. I would hike and walk and run. I lived the life of an active person and it showed on my body.

Now, not so much.

I spend far too much time doing this. So I'm going to work on changing my lifestyle. I'm going to not lay on the couch. I'm going to move more. Keep busy. Workout when I have time. Eventually it will become second nature like it did before, but until then I'll work at it.

That starts right now, today. I'm off to walk 5k with a group from WW. It's not a huge thing but it's a start on the lifestyle I want.

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