14 January 2012

My New Addiction

This guest post from Margaret Mills

I have recently become the biggest online shopping addict. Just in the last week I have ordered two pairs of shoes, a winter coat and a wine sampler from different websites. I started working from home about a month ago, so I have a lot more freedom to do what I want with my time. Of course this means I shop for shoes and clothes when I’m supposed to be doing work! I guess I could exercise or clean, but who wants to waste time with that? It’s so much more fun spending my time looking at and purchasing the latest trends. Sometimes I actually do look for things my family needs though, like wireless internet service deals. I figure that if I start searching for deals on things I really need I can offset the extra spending I’ve been doing. With the holidays coming up I know I need to get the best deals possible so I’ve really been doing my research this year on things I want to buy. It’s amazing how much cheaper shopping online can be than buying in stores. Getting great dealsmakes me feel so accomplished!

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