03 March 2012

2.6 pounds

Woke this morning to the sound of rain. Pretty heavy rain at that. As I lay in bed I considered my options. This was Weight Watcher morning and I really wanted to go since I missed last week. The plan was to ride my bike there and back. I did not plan on the rain. I could get up and catch a ride with Hubby, but that would mean getting up much earlier then I needed to and hanging around for at least an hour. Really didn't want to do that. I could skip it completely and use the rain as an excuse. And believe it or not, I really didn't want to do that either. So I dragged my butt out of bed. Got ready and headed out. I did not get rained on there or back. It was chilly but not freezing. I wore my new rain jacket there and sweated a lot. But I was extremely glad I went. I was down 1.6 pounds :) and that leaves just 2.6 lbs and I will reach 5 lbs. Yes, it does not sound like much and it seems I've been doing this forever but I'm over the moon ecstatic about it. Let me explain.

I started this journey, again, on Octber 22, 2011. For the past couple of years I had been plagued with injuries and my weight had been steadily creeping upwards. I was tired of it and wanted to stop the upward momentum. So I returned to Weight Watchers. Since I did things went from bad to worse. The situation with the neighbors reached a critical mass and eventually blew. I was crazy, crazy stressed and did not even realize it. I would have a good week or two and think I had everything under control and then - boom - something else would happen. I also thought that because I wasn't eating as much that I should be losing weight. Stress doesn't work that way. So yeah, I was kind of screwed. When things got worked out (mostly) this week I could feel the stress leaving my body. I slept better. I ate better. I felt better. I went through a couple of days where I was just exhausted. Completely and totally wiped out. I think it was from holding all that stress for so long, when it was finally gone (mostly) my body was just incredibly tired. So I really feel like I'm back. For real this time. No false starts or giant stress bombs should get in the way. We talked out the issues and I think we are on the right track now. So, time to get back to me.

I need just 2.6 lbs to make 5 lbs lost. I will do that this week. I'm going to focus on eating right, tracking points, moving more, and by next Saturday I want to hit the 5 lb mark. I've waited long enough, I think it's time to get there.

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