14 July 2012

Being realistic or fooling myself

It's hard to decide sometime. I have been telling myself that I'm working on my thesis and that's why I haven't been as motivated to work out. That is true to a large extent but it's not the complete truth. I have been working on my thesis, that absolutely, positively must get finished within the next few days, but I have not been working on it so much I could not exercise. I have been using it as an excuse to not exercise if I didn't feel like it. The truth of the matter is, I must spend 4-5 hours a day on Facebook and playing games. I don't do it all at once, but I'll jump on for 20 minutes here, 30 minutes there; oh, I need a short break, let me play a game; I'm waiting for XXX so let me play a game; I can't find what I'm looking for, let me play a game. The next thing you know I've been playing games all day and not only have I not worked out, I haven't gotten as much of my thesis done as I'd hoped to. So I think we I have a bit of a problem. So, as Dr. Phil says, time to get real. Starting tomorrow I am on a computer diet. No computer until the thesis is done. I will only use it for research. That is all. No Facebook. No games. No nothing. I will check my email on my tablet and that is it. Until this thesis is done, there will be nothing but that.

So here is the plan. Tomorrow I'm going to get up and ride over to the gym. I'm going to run. Then I'm going to take the Body Pump class. Then I may ride over to Kailua and meet hubby so we can go to Whole Foods. Then home for lunch and thesis. Later on we'll walk the dogs, have dinner and maybe watch some TV. But that's it. No hours wasted in front of the computer. That is done for the next few days until this thesis is pau. I am excited and committed.

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