29 July 2012


We are what we repeatedly do. Therefore, excellence is not an act, but a habit.
(I found this attributed to a number of people, so let's suffice it to say I did not say this.)

I've been thinking about my awakening yesterday. I have been deluded myself somewhat in thinking that I could spend the vast majority of my day sitting on my butt and not gain weight/size. Who am I kidding? So I spent last night looking around for apps to help me get back on track. I downloaded Calorie Counter by Fat Secret - I've tried them all and this is by far my favorite. It's got a great database, it scans UPC, and it's easy to use. So that's on my new phone and will be put into use tomorrow.

I also spent some time looking for workout apps. I think I found a good one. Fitness Buddy. It has over 1,000 exercises in it's database. Plus it has set up workout routines that you can follow or you can make your own using moves from their database. Then you can track what you do for next time and mark it on a calendar. You can track all kind of measurements and weight. It looks really cool. The best part? For right now the pro version is only 99cents. That I can totally live with.

So I'm working on a routine. I think it's going to be running on Monday, Wednesday & Friday, weights on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I'm going to workout a simple program on Fitness Buddy and follow it for a couple of weeks. I want to keep things easy and simple to start. I want to throw in home workouts now and then; Zumba or Beach Body, something like that. But I'm not going to get too ambitious right now. Starting school, routinizing my workout is enough to start.

I went shopping this morning and got food for the week. I'm ready with the clothes. All I need is tomorrow morning - not that I'm in a hurry for that......

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