17 July 2012

Ups and downs of life

I do wish things would go along on an even keel for awhile. I also know that I can create that evenness if I work at it, but sometimes it's harder then others.

On Sunday I finished my thesis - well, for now, it's undergoing revisions - and I was extremely relieved. Yesterday, my first day without the thesis hanging over my head, was extremely low key. I woke up and by 8am was exhausted so I took a little nap - 30 minutes. Then I did some cleaning, made a great lunch, and ended up making a lilikoi pie. And then I was completely and totally exhausted. By dinner time I was having trouble keeping my eyes open and had to take a 15 minute nap. What is up with that? It could have been a decompressing kind of thing. Sometimes I feel like stress is what keeps me up and moving. Remove the stress and I completely collapse. I hate these roller coaster type of feelings; up with stress, then passed out on the couch. Ugh!!!
So today I'm trying to figure out how I feel. I want to work out but I'm really not sure I have the energy for it. Also, I have a dentist appointment at 11 and I need to write a couple of small papers for my thesis stuff, oh yeah, and a short talk for school. Maybe I'll just get all those things done today. If I don't workout for a couple of days, I'll be itching to, so maybe I'll do that..... I don't know....

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