19 August 2012

Finally got one

After looking around for a couple of weeks and most people not responding, I finally got a treadmill. It's not a great one but it works and that's all I want at this point. It was the lowest priced one, $175, and right around the corner from us - yeah!!! So we went and looked at it this morning and I took it on the spot. The guy at the house helped load it onto the truck but when we got home it was only Hubby and I. We had to get it off the truck to the ground, then up 3 stairs, through a door and into the back bedroom. While getting it off the truck a part of the treadmill got hung up on my shoulder and pushed me down kind of lopsidedly. As soon as I stood up I could feel my back - I had strained some muscles. Damn it!!!! Now I had a treadmill and I couldn't even use it. Anyway, we wrestled it into the house and into the back room. I rearranged and cleaned up and have it situated. My back though is another story. I have iced it, taken ibuprofen, laid down, it's still there. It's not too terribly painful but I can definitely feel it. I'm going to go take a shower and put some of that stuff the chiro gave me on it. It's kind of like icy/hot only with MSM and herbs and such. But I have it.

The other day I registered for the Color Run. It's coming to Honolulu in November and I'm very excited. I just calculated and it's 10 weeks until the race. The C25K program is 9 weeks. Perfect. I want to be able to run the entire thing and do it in 30ish minutes. That means I need to run it at 10 minute miles. Totally doable if I work at it. Once that is over then I'm going to practice for my 10k on New Year's Day. That is going to kick off the year of running. I'm excited. Very, very excited.

I know that once I get fairly good on the treadmill I'll want to take the runs outside. But right now I just don't feel very confident in my running abilities and do not want to make a public spectacle of myself. But I know that in just a couple of weeks I'll be ready to take it outside once in a while. I'm looking forward to that. I'm looking forward to it all. I'm looking forward to getting back into working out on a regular basis. I'm just looking forward to everything.

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