05 August 2012

I think I am

I have once again reached the point where I want to work out. I actually enjoy working out. I love doing it and I love, love, love the way it makes me feel. But in times of stress that's the first thing to fall by the wayside. Workouts. I haven't really worked out for the past few weeks due to the thesis and starting school and all the other nonsense, but I think I'm finally ready. My first week is over and while I'll still be tired when I get home, I won't be completely exhausted like I have been. So here's my plan. If I get everything ready the night before: clothes, lunch, bird food; I have extra time in the morning. What if I take that extra few minutes and do a workout? It doesn't have to be an elaborate, hour long workout, it can be a 15 minute kick-ass workout. Basically just a strength workout since I'm riding my bike everyday. What will happen is that I will do that for a few weeks and I'll want to do more. Once I have the desire to do more, I'll find the time to do it. I could work out at night before dinner but I tend to get easily distracted. Once I want to do it, I will be more focused and will have the desire to workout at night. I printed out a workout this morning that can be 10 minutes or 30 minutes depending on how many circuits I do. This one is upper body, I'm going to find one for the lower body and start with those. I will alternate them for the next week. Next weekend I will reassess how I feel and how it worked out and decide how to proceed from there. Good. I love it when I have a plan.


  • Work out 10 minutes in the morning
  • Alternate upper and lower body workouts
  • Prepare everything the night before. 

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