The buffet maze

Yesterday was my first real challenge in paleo eating. Twice I ate out, both lunch and dinner. The short story? I was extremely successful both times.

We had open house at school yesterday and I met a friend before hand for lunch. We went to a place we love to go because they have the most amazing Kal-bi. Once there and looking over the menu I realized there was no way I could have the Kal-bi. Okay, it's an all natural, organic place I knew I could find something. Turns out I was a huge pain in the butt asking what was in everything. I finally settled on a salad with balsamic dressing and grilled salmon - there was a topping for the salmon but I did not like it so I didn't use it. It ended up being quite good and it satisfied a craving I had for salmon.

Then last night we went to have dinner with my sister-in-law who was visiting from the mainland. Hubby chose a buffet (the one pictured above) because of the wide range of food they offer. He figured it would be easier for me to find something to eat. He was right. One of the things this buffet is known for is their crab. They have snow and dungeness on the buffet. Yum!!! It ended up being a fish kind of night. I had a whole bunch of crab. Some shrimp. A couple of mussels. And some raw fish. RAW FISH!! You have no idea what a breakthrough that was for me. RAW FISH!!! In my 22 years here I have tried raw fish a number of times and have never been able to handle it. But last night something changed and I was actually looking forward to it. And it was good. I ate about 8 slices and really, really enjoyed it. Which got me to thinking......

I have now been off sugar and grains for 19 days. My tastes are starting to change. I can taste more things. I can distinguish subtle flavors. I'm wondering if, by cutting out all the crap, my body wants only good stuff and so it craves it. Interesting. Also, I was not tempted by alcohol or the dessert table at all. Not even a little bit. I did not even want to take a taste of Hubby's desserts. Strange but good. I'm glad it's happening and I plan on sticking with this.....


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