11 November 2012

The Human Brain

Whenever I think about humans in general I am stunned and amazed. It's kind of like that commercial for insurance; one minute we're coming up with the theory of relativity and the next - then they show an stupid accident. Yeah, that's kind of how I feel about humans, they have done some unbelievably amazing stuff and some stuff that makes you go *facepalm*

The same thing for the human brain. This mass of cells inside your skull has some pretty powerful potential. It can dream up all kinds of things, imagine real things we will never see and still believe in conspiracy theories. Truly amazing.

The reason I'm thinking about the human brain today is that a friend has a daughter with some problems. They aren't sure exactly what's going on and so they are taking her to a pediatric neurology place to be checked out. So I was thinking about her and it got me to thinking about the human brain. What other animal has the cognitive ability to study itself? To study why it does what it does and not just how? To think how much we have learned about ourselves over the centuries just blows me away. I know that the brain influences everything you do. In weight loss and fitness, one of the tools is to change your thinking. If you think you are fat and lazy you will be. If you convince yourself that you enjoy working out, you'll do it more. The human brain is a wondrous and powerful thing.

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