15 November 2012

What I've learned from Paleo

It's just about 3 weeks ago I started eating Paleo. Initially I was a little freaked out and panicked about what exactly I would eat. The first week was super hard figuring the food out. The second week I felt like absolute crap and the food was actually getting harder to work out. But then the one day things started getting easier. I stopped freaking out about food and things just started coming to me. I realized that I could still eat things I love, like meatloaf and hamburgers, I just needed to do things a little bit differently. And I did, and it was fine. I'm now starting to get creative with my food and coming up with all kinds of things I can eat.

This week Hubby has been working nights so I've had to make my own dinners. That's been an experience. I don't normally cook, he does. But now I find myself thinking about what to make for dinner and planning it early. I will stop at the store to pick things up. I even go to Crossfit and then come home and cook. I would never have done that before. As a result I'm spending a lot less time on the computer and that is okay.

Physically I could not feel better. I have not felt this good in years. Last week my energy levels starting increasing and they have been going through the roof. I love it. I'm losing inches like crazy. All my clothes are starting to get loose. I keep saying my shirts are getting longer :) The pants I've been wearing for the last year because they are the only ones that fit well, are now all baggy and saggy. I love it. I'm starting to fit into clothes that I haven't worn in over a year - at least. I no longer have that stomach that makes me feel like I'm pregnant. I still have some stomach fat to lose but at least I don't feel like it's sticking out. I've been going to Crossfit 5 nights a week and I love it.

The most amazing thing is that I don't get hungry. I get hungry but not hungry. It's so weird and so nice. It's nice not have be starving and all I can think about is when I get to eat. It's nice to not worry about my blood sugar suddenly going all wacky. I don't know how to explain it but I've never felt so stable in my life. I think about food but not the way I used to. Oh, and I have no cravings. For anything. None. I have sat in front of cookies, brownies and not even blinked an eye. I went with a group to get yogurt over the weekend and did not even want some a little. I love it. I'm cooking with real food, no phony crap, and I'm feeling awesome. This is great... This is something I want to continue forever.

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