31 May 2013

It's a whole new start

Today is the lsst day of the Paleo Challenge I was in. I dropped out long ago due to pressures of school ending. May is just incredibly busy and trying to do a Paleo challenge during it was stupid. So I'm out. But guess what? May is over. So is school. Today was the last day of May and the last day of school. Cool. I'm done. Yes, I am teaching summer school, but that isn't even real. I work for 3 hours and can leave as soon as I'm done. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. So I'm done and it's time to relax.

That all means that tomorrow is June 1. I love me some new beginnings. New week. New month. New year. Whatever, I love new starts. So with school ending and June starting, I think it's time for a new start. A new program. A new challenge. I'm not sure exactly what I want to do yet, but a serious, hard-ass goal is in order. It will involve Crossfit. And running. And eating. I'm excited and I'm off to work out the details. I'll fill you in later.

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