02 June 2013

Off to a good start

Yesterday was day 1 and it turned out pretty good. I had an awesome breakfast:

Pumpkin, peppers, onions, eggs, sausage, avocado - absolute delish!!!

I then went to Crossfit:

3 rounds for time: 14:09

Farmer's carry - 2-35#

5 pull ups - green/blue bands
10 pike push ups - blue/red bands
15 pistols - 16" box

Farmer's carry after last round.

Had a good lunch and a nice dinner (no pictures). I was somewhat lazy the rest of the day, I mean I am on summer vacation after all. I did however, get my new desk stained. Today we will be building me a new table desk. It's going to be huge - 80" long and almost 3' wide. It's going to be awesome. I want one that large because I have a lot of times when I need to spread out. I have books I'm reading, papers I'm writing, etc. On my desk now, I have to move the keyboard and then if I need the computer it becomes a real pain in the butt. So a huge desk with my computer at one end and I can spread out and not get all crowded and lose things. I'm excited. I will have no drawers though and I've been looking for ideas for desktop storage. It's fine, I have all summer to work it all out.

I'm also starting my running this morning. I've been up for about 40 minutes and convincing myself to head out for a run. I'm nervous because I haven't run in a while, though we do some short running at Crossfit.

Okay, things to do. Here's to a successful Day 2.

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