06 July 2013

Epic Day

Today was a fairly epic day. It's not so much that anything really fantastically great happened. It's much more in how I am feeling. Yesterday at Crossfit, I totally rocked the WOD. I was the only one at 6 am and it was wall balls, sit ups and pike push ups. I rocked it. It was amazing. I rode that high all day. Then this morning, the WOD was kind of like a chinese food menu. You could pick one from column A and one from column B. I chose burpees and deadlifts. Burpees because I can do them, even if I hate them, and deadlifts because I could go RX. During the WOD the above picture was taken as I was kissing the floor during a burpee. I love that picture. I love it!!! It shows the effort I put into that workout and I just love it. I've made it my FB profile picture. Most people want a nice picture where they look good, not me. I want a picture that shows me working hard. That's what it's all about. After that I finally got a container to make my kombucha tea in, so I got that started. So excited about that. Then there was a running clinic at the box. I headed over and learned to run. I'm very excited about that because I really, really, really want to run. I'm going to practice a little bit every day until I master this new technique. This afternoon it's been so hot, it's impossible to do anything. It's just starting to kind of cool down. Ugh!!! So that was my epic day and I'm very excited about it.

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