18 July 2013


This is kind of how I feel today. My weight was back up 2 lbs. this morning. I know, I know, I know. All of the reasons why you should not weigh yourself everyday. I know. But sometimes, not always, but sometimes weighing myself everyday helps me keep things in perspective. Today for instance. I did not feel like I was up 2 lbs. And I did not eat 7,000 calories yesterday, so logically I know I'm not up 2 lbs. But it helps me to distance myself from the number on the scale. Looking at that number and knowing that it is absolutely not true, lessens the power of the scale in my mind. Yesterday was really, really hot. I did not drink as much water as I did the 2 previous days. I ate a bit of a salty lunch. All of those reasons could account for that 2 lbs, or it could be something else entirely. So I can't explain it, but I know it's not real. So that's good.

Yesterday I PR'd my deadlift. 245 lbs. Holy Crap!!! I can deadlift an obese person!!!! Anyway, doing it put a lot of pressure on my back. When I woke this morning it was a little achy, but it didn't hurt. It kind of felt like a sore muscle. I get them in my arms and legs all the time. I debated going to Crossfit but ultimately decided that I was only questioning it because it was my back. What if it was just sore muscles from my back getting stronger (please God, let that be it. I need a stronger back). So I decided to go. We worked on double unders for skill so that was fine. But the WOD included burpees and box jumps. Neither of them are great on the back. But I took it slow, walking the burpees and the box jumps, and things went fine. My back is a little sore now, but I really think I'll live.

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