02 November 2013

Gratitude Day 1

I just saw a post on Facebook about November being gratitude month. I don't know why or how, but I thought it's a great way to help change my attitude around, get me back into blogging regularly and head into the holiday season. Every night I'm going to do a post on gratitude and what I'm grateful for that day. This one is late because it's already the 2nd, but that's okay.

I am grateful for many, many things but in the hustle and bustle of day to day life they get overlooked and forgotten. It is much easier to focus on the bad things. But, like the law of attraction says, focus on bad and bad will come, focus on good and good will come. Today I'm going to focus on my job. I am so grateful for my job. I am so lucky to have a job doing what I want to do and in a place I really enjoy working. It is not perfect, there are many things that could be changed, but then no place is perfect. I love the small community and family atmosphere of our school. I love the fact that I know everyone. I love the fact that no one is breathing over my shoulder and I am free to teach the way I want to. I love the fact that we are not tied to standardized testing. I especially love the fact that I am being recognized for my abilities. I am so very, very grateful for my job.

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