08 December 2013


This is kind of how I feel today. Bloated. Huge. Unbelievably fat. I spent the last 4 days at a residency for my Ph.D. It was on the Big Island and it was good, but my eating and working out went to crap. Let's see what happened.

Wednesday I was up at 3am to make a 5am flight. I had some coffee but that was all. Met my friends in Kona (that is a whole other story) and we headed out. Stopped at Starbucks around 7:30am for breakfast and got to the hotel where it was being held around 8:30ish. Spent the morning sitting in seminars and then they fed us lunch. As you might have guessed it was mostly carbs. Plus the desserts. Lots of desserts. The afternoon was spent sitting in more seminars and around 5-5:30 we were free to go. As you might imagine I was exhausted and settled for fast food for dinner.

Thursday was very similar except that I met a friend for dinner that night. That was super fun and I'm glad I got a chance to see her.

Friday was more of the same again. I did have some down time on Friday that I used to take a walk to the petroglyphs that were on the hotel property. I walked along the King's Trail for about an hour and that was fun. Felt good to move. Followed by sessions Saturday that ended at noon. After which we went to Kona, had a Mexican lunch and walked around for about an hour, then headed to the airport for the flight home.

So as you exercise was at a minimum and crappy food was at a maximum. My stomach feels huge and I can not stand it. Needless to say, today is back to Crossfit and hardcore Paleo for a bit. I also have some school work due today so I will be spending time sitting in this chair working. I'm hoping to keep it to a minimum and get my stuff done quickly.

Okay, off to get some work done and then head to Crossfit.

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