04 February 2014

I am a thick chick

One of the greatest thing about Crossfit is that it helps you appreciate your body and what it can do. I have never been super thin and I probably never will be. For years and years that bothered me. I did everything hoping to get skinny. Even when I lost a lot of weight, I was still never skinny. I had big thighs and big arms. I tried to tell myself it didn't matter, but it did. I hated my thighs and arms. But Crossfit has changed all that. I am thick chick and damn proud of it. I am probably the healthiest and fittest I have ever been. And I love my big thighs and big arms. Love them. I can lift lots of weight. I can do all kinds of crazy things. And I love it. I got these socks to remind myself, I am a thick chick and I'm proud of it. I no longer desire to be thin and skinny. I want to be strong and healthy.

I didn't run yesterday. To be honest I'm a little nervous about running. My knee has been good but I don't want to make it bad. As much as I want to run, I'm really rethinking that goal. I may have to dwell on it a little more before I commit to it completely. Hmmmmm...

Food has been back on track since Saturday though. I ate with absolute abandon on Friday night. I kind of knew I was going to do it. It was time. But I'm glad I got back on track so quickly. Didn't lead to a lost weekend.

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