Rest day(s)????

Last week I didn't work out because of the incredibly high stress levels. Monday I went to Crossfit and it was good. But I didn't go yesterday. Or today. Yesterday I was just lazy. Today I met friends for lunch and had beer or two. In truth, the first couple of days of break I am always incredibly lazy. I usually get a small head cold. At least that didn't happen this time. But I am lazy. I have been napping, working on school work, and watching TV. It has been lovely. I'm feeling pretty good though, so tomorrow it is back to business. I'm going to Crossfit in the morning and am going to start working on the spare room. I also have to get a project posted for one of my classes. I will be busy tomorrow. Good. Because I have not been the last few days. Okay, so last night of sloth like behavior. I better get busy being a sloth...


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