20 April 2014

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone. Hope your day is awesome. I started the day finishing up my decorating project. On Friday I picked up an old, wooden dresser off Craigslist. Yesterday I painted it black, it was dark brown and worn. This morning I put it all back together and we moved Hubby's clothes into it. We had this make-shift dresser with drawers from a water bed and milk crates, yeah, it was a bad as it sounds. In the process of moving from that to a dresser, I made Hubby purge. Hubby is a bit of a packrat, and I'm being nice in saying that. If I let him have his way, you would find us on an episode of hoarders. So purge he did and he did not like it at all. But the new dresser is so much nicer than before. So to recap my weekend to date, I built an Ikea dresser and moved it into the bedroom and put my stuff in it. I bought and hung new curtains in the bedroom. In moving the new dresser in, I had to rearrange the bedroom and it looks awesome. I purchased, painted, and moved Hubby into a new dresser. I cleaned the ceiling fan (gross) and the windows. The bedroom is now awesome. Oh, and I painted a new nightstand and lamp for me. My bedroom is now awesome. I did little things that make it soo much better. For example, our bed is right under a window, which is open 99% of the time due to the weather. The curtains we had previously were red (yuck) and long so they got caught behind the bed. I bought new brown curtains that I hemmed to just under the window. This way they blow and are over our head so we constantly get the breeze. Much nicer. Also, the brown curtains make the room much, much darker. Nice for sleeping. And, the old, red curtains had these tabs that hooked on the curtain rods and they were constantly coming open. The new ones have a channel for the rod and they stay closed. So nice. I am so happy with my bedroom now, I want to go in there and take a nap :) The only thing we need to do is fix the ceiling fan. The light doesn't work because the chain broke. We need to take the light part off and see if it can be fixed. Other than that, it is perfect. So now I am really happy with the bedroom and the spare room. The computer room is acceptable, I'm not in love with it but I can't figure out why. So it will do for now. The living room needs a little work but I need to find something that will make it work the way I want to, and I haven't done that yet. So that was my weekend.

I have decided not to return to Crossfit for the foreseeable future, and I am very happy with that. It feels like a weight has been lifted off of me. And, my knee is feeling amazing. I need to make sure that I don't just sit around, but lately I've been busy doing decorating stuffs. I need to get into a workout routine. I'm walking the dogs again, so there's that. But I also want to get some time in on the treadmill and do my PT exercises. I don't want to end up being completely sedentary. In this short time, I find that I have way more energy. I'm doing things that I normally would put off. I don't know exactly what is going on, but I like it. So for now, I'm happy with my decision. In June, I will probably go back just because I will have more time and can go to Crossfit in the morning. We'll see. Right now I know it's the right decision and I'm happy with that.

Okay, that is it. I want to clean my floors and bathroom, so I think I will go do that now.

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