21 June 2014

Fall 7 times get up 8

Trying not to let the last week drag me down. I was just getting back into the groove of Crossfit when I got sick. I was feeling good and working hard. I had figured out how to manage the knee and it was feeling pretty awesome. Then a week on my back blew everything up. So, rather than get down about it, I'm trying o use it as a learning experience. How to comeback from an unexpected week furlough. I'm trying.

I did go to Crossfit yesterday and it was as hard as I imagined it would be. But I got through it and didn't die. I'm going again today even though I would rather not. But I need to get back into that groove I was in. The knee is really bothering me after yesterday. I have it taped and I bought some new shoes, hopefully these things will help it. But, let's sing the refrain together, I need to up my activity levels. I am sitting around too much and I don't like it. I've given myself a pass for the last week, but starting today I get moving. I'm going to Crossfit this morning. After breakfast and a shower, I'm going to walk on the treadmill while I read my book for my paper. I may run over the hill to Bed, Bath & Beyond and to Bath and Body Works. I want to get some stuff and I may do that today. If not definitely tomorrow. I also want to write my paper today and get my discussion posted. All the reading will be done on the treadmill and maybe some of the writing too. I will also be walking the dogs today, long walks for everyone. I'm looking forward to today. Oh yeah, there are dinosaurs at Windward Mall. I want to go see them too. I just need to keep busy. As soon as I slow down I start getting lazy and losing all motivation.

Off to get ready for Crossfit.

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