25 July 2014

The week in food

I have no pictures, I didn't think about that. But I have a good memory.

Monday: Breakfast:eggs and bacon. Snack:some prepackaged crap. Lunch:salad, burnt chicken, some unidentifiable fish. Dinner: Salad

Tuesday: Breakfast: eggs, sausage, and guacamole. Lunch: Sandwiches. Dinner: chili, rice, and salad.

Wednesday: Breakfast: Donuts, Snack: banana and granola bars. Lunch: taco salad. Snack: Sun chips. Dinner: salad.

Thursday: Breakfast: Nothing. Snack: fruit bars Lunch: Hawaiian food. Snack: Popcorn chips. Dinner: 2 costco hot dogs

Friday: Breakfast: 2 packages of Krimpets. Snack: musubi Lunch: Teddy's burger, fries, shake.

There you have it. My week in crap eating. I was attending a five day seminar and for lunch and snacks were at their mercy. Breakfast and dinner though were completely on me. I could have taken food with me, there was no law that said I had to eat their food. I saw people bringing their own food. I made some poor choices and now I feel like crap.

Another thing is that I did not eat much. I'm not sure why. I would have breakfast and lunch and together they would not be 800 calories. Then I would have salad for dinner. Poor choices.

The good news is, the week is over and I have an opportunity to regroup. The bad news is, I have three days of meetings next week. Yuck. But, between now and then I plan on getting back on track and I plan to make better choices in my food during my meetings next week.

So the week is over. The damage is done. The next three days are to regroup, get back on track, and start to feel like myself again. I can and will do this.

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