18 July 2014

Well that didn't work out as planned

After my post yesterday, I went to the store and got some of the things I have not had in a really, really long time.

These two together are the bomb. I love this for breakfast. But guess what I discovered? It did not last. I ate this and felt full, but with 2 hours I was looking for something to eat again. Hmmm. They are high in sugar, even if it's a natural sugar.

Then for lunch I had a sandwich - ham. For dinner I had some flatbread pizza. I think I overdid it. I've hit the bathroom a few too many times this morning and I don't feel that awesome.

So now what? Balance. I think that balance is the key. I can't go to one extreme or the other. Today I will have eggs and bacon for breakfast. Lunch is salad and maybe some spaghetti. Dinner will be paleo. I think what I need to do is eat paleo most of the time. And that's okay, I like eating that way. But when I want something different - have it. Yeah, balance. Life is all about balance.

The good thing about feeling a little crappy this morning, it's getting me to Crossfit. I wasn't going to go, but changed my mind. With the way I feel, I need to do something good or the day will spiral out of control. Also, I'm not doing the WOD tomorrow since it's on the beach and I can't risk hurting my knee. I might go Sunday. Then Monday it's back to work! Ugh!!! Three months off and I'm facing work in 3 days. Ugh!!!

Alright, enough with the pep talk. I need to get ready for Crossfit.

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