09 January 2015

Time for a check in

I have been back at school a week now and trying very hard to stick to my plan. Let's see how this week went.

Fitness: Goal was to Crossfit 4x and walk dogs 4x. I went to Crossfit Sunday, Monday, Thursday, and Friday. I walked the dogs. Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. So success with Crossfit, the dogs I'm still working on.

Food: I prepped my food on Sunday and took it every day this week. I did eat spaghetti on Monday, cornbread on Monday, and bratwurst on Thursday. But overall I would say this week was a success in the food category.

Work: Mostly successful. I did have some little things to do a couple of nights, but nothing serious.

School: This was not great. I did work on my prospectus once, and I did do some discussions, but that was it. Have to make up for that this weekend.

Finances: This was added later and I have kept on top of the finances, though not much happened this week.

I think, considering that I'm just getting things rolling, it was a good week. I have a few things that I can tweak, but overall it was good. Here is a breakdown of the numbers:

Day Steps Taken Calories Burned Calories Eaten
Monday 10,473 2,015 ???
Tuesday 12,183 2,053 1,279
Wednesday 7,282 1,935 1,679
Thursday 13,168 2,089 1,348
Friday 9,730 1,740 2,066
Totals 52,836 9,832 7,828

Not too shabby for a first week. I'm estimating Mondays calories eaten at ~1500. I know I logged them, but one day myfitnesspal was having trouble, that must have been the day. I'm good with this. I like to see the numbers and see how I did. The calorie burn is hard. I really want to get that up and I'm going to try this weekend. I'm going to walk on the treadmill this weekend and see if I can drive that number up. I would like to hit 2500 or 3000 a day. We shall see.

Tomorrow I will outline any changes I plan to make and get my plan set for next week. I'm feeling good. Let's keep this momentum going.

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