23 July 2015

Day 3

Beginning to feel like I'm on a roll. Yesterday was day 3 in my just one day and it was pretty good. I was really tired, like took a nap at 8 am tired, but I think that might have been from the lack of sugar. Yesterday marked 3 days I have gone without sugar. There is a point where my body goes through withdrawals from sugar and that may have been happening yesterday. I honestly didn't start out to eliminate sugar, but as a result of eating whole food and not snacking, I did and it's awesome. So expect for feeling a little tired and sluggish - which will pass - I'm feeling pretty good. I no longer feel like I'm pregnant with my stomach sticking out in front of me. I am regular - if you know what I mean. I have been tracking my food at my fitness pal and I just checked and my sugar intake has not exceeded 60 grams in the last 3 days. Most of those 60 grams have come from bananas and beets. Awesome. I don't mind sugar that comes from food, I just would like to avoid added sugar. So things are going very well. I have been weighing myself each morning and while I haven't seen any loss yet, my weight seems to have stabilized. No wild fluctuations up or down. So except for some tiredness, which I seem to be feeling today also, I'm really feeling good. Plus, I know that once this tiredness passess I'll be full of energy.

Another good thing, yesterday was the first day in a long, long time I was not in agony walking. My foot hurt a little bit, but nothing serious. I walked the dogs and it really felt amazing. So hopefully that is on the mend also.

Just going to keep plugging along for just one more day. Just one day......

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