29 July 2015

First Day of School

And we are back. Today was the first day of school, at least the first day for the teachers. We always start the year with a one day retreat. It's a chance to reconnect with the other teachers, refocus on why we do this and transition back to into school mode. Tomorrow we will have meetings, both faculty and department, and then on Friday the kids come in for orientation. Classes themselves start on Monday. At my old school, these days were painful and almost useless. Many of the people there would bitch and moan the entire time. Much of the stuff we did was kind of useless and there were times we just spent sitting around. It was really, really annoying. It always started with the nun giving the same damn talk, reviewing the teachers handbook. So very annoying. Today was good though. We talked about planning and sowing seeds in our students. We answered some questions and talked about them at our table. We had some great conversation and excellent discussions. It was nice to not hear the negative talk and bitching and moaning. I really enjoyed today and I think just about everyone there did too. I have always been of the opinion that if you have to do something you might as well make it fun. In spite of some great friendships I made at the other place, some of them were always so negative and complaining. Yeah, I don't want to have to work either. I would rather be able to do what I want without working. But that is just not possible, so I will do something I enjoy and I will have fun while I'm doing it. So today was good. I think it is going to be a really, really good year.

I did not sleep well last night. It seems I woke up every hour and looked at the clock. Last time I remember checking it was after midnight. So that kind of sucked. By the time school was done today I was tired. I'm tired now. I'm getting ready to eat dinner and I'm heading to bed early. I am also treating myself to some ice cream. For 8 days I have been really good. No sugar and no dessert. So I stopped at the store and got myself some ice cream as a treat for tonight. I am definitely looking forward to that. Most eating plans tell you to have treat days. It's been 8 days with no treats. Today is a good day for it.

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