22 November 2015

Thanksgiving weekend

kind of looks like this. I will have no dissertation to work on and the class I'm teaching will be over. I will use the 4 days to get caught up on everything so that I head into December ready to end it, but other than that - I got nothing. It's weird to be facing this after almost 3 years of schooling and writing. As much as I would like a break from the, the thought of not finishing is driving me wild. I really have to figure this out and soon.

Okay, moving on to the topic of this blog - health and fitness. Yesterday I talked about AltShift and how I started that on Friday. So yesterday was my 2nd day. Overall I'm feeling good, even though I think I may have screwed up yesterday. Hubby made Swiss steak for dinner and I think he used flour on it, which I ate. Bummer. But also not the end of the world. Prior to dinner, I had only eaten about 4 grams of carbs. I'm supposed to keep my carbs below 30 so even if the swiss steak was 30 - which it wasn't - I'm only slightly over. It's all good. Progress not perfection.

The way AltShift works is that for 5 days you eat low carb, then for 3 days you eat low fat. You just go back and forth and back and forth like that. This is similar to carb night that I tried a while back. But with that program, you ate super low carb for 5 days or so then got 1 high carb day. It got to be a problem because I found that I couldn't go that long consistently without carbs. Then, by having only 1 day of high carbs, it really wasn't enough to build up my glycogen stores again. I ended up wanting more and more high carb days. Also, on high carb days anything was fair game. Cakes, cookies, ice cream, whatever. That did not help things. On AltShift, wheat and sugar are out all the time. So I think it should be easier to maintain long term. And I do need it long term since I have so much weight/fat to lose. The good new is, I am no longer focused on a number on the scale. I really don't care what the scale says, my goal is to fit into the clothes that I have. I have some awesome, amazing clothes and I can't wear them because I'm too fat. So I'd like to lose some of this fat and fit my clothes again.

Yesterday I did day 1 of week 1 of couch to 5k. It really felt good. I have a couple of treadmill workouts I'm going to start cycling through and work on my running. Plus walking, walking, walking. I did clean up the workout room yesterday, it looks much, much better. It is also the 'junk' room and everything we don't have a use for goes in there. Unfortunately, for years now, it has not been cleaned or organized. Stuff was just thrown in there in any old way. Yesterday was needed. Since I won't have lots of work to do, I need to make a list of things that need to get done and start doing them. I have Thanksgiving break coming up and Christmas break, I cannot just sit around on my butt that whole time. I need projects.

Okay, enough rambling. I have nothing more to say.....

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