02 December 2015

Mediation Day

Today is finally the 2nd mediation day. Our first one was in September and we've been trying to schedule a 2nd one since then. I've been ready to go twice, and I had even scheduled the days off, but others held it up. Well, this is my last time. If we can't work something out this time, I'm done. Seriously. I'm done. I am not doing this again. I'm not positive exactly why we are doing it this time, but then I wasn't sure why we did it last time. I'm willing to give it one more shot. My hopes are that we can come to an agreement to live peaceably for the next 18-24 months and then we will be gone. That's all I want.

So yesterday ended my teaching of a Phoenix class. Don't know how that is going to turn out. The mentor has to write an evaluation that will determine if I get officially hired or not. We'll see how that goes. I am now with nothing outside of work to do. No dissertation class. No teaching class. Nothing. It's kind of nice. I can now focus on my classes and get through the end of the year. It's also kind of weird. I have nothing outside of school to work on. That has not happened in almost 3 years. Yikes. Hopefully, I'm going to take some of this time and do some stuff around the house here. Most of the rooms need paint. Things need a really good cleaning. Maybe a little rearrangement, who knows. But it is time to change things up.

Okay, time to get moving and get ready for this farce.

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