29 December 2015

Taking control

So, here's how it all went down. I was looking at homes in Mesquite, NV and they are lovely, absolutely lovely. As I was looking at them, I was looking around my house. How do I live in a house that nice when I can't keep this small place neat and clean. Trust me, my house is a mess and there are times when I feel that I don't know how to keep it clean. Then I think back on the times I did keep it clean, how nice it looked, and how much I enjoyed just being in the house. Then I think about the dogs and how with the dogs, I'll never truly have a super clean home. Then I think bullshit. Keeping a clean house is a skill like any other. A skill that I never really learned well. Hmmm.....Well, I can learn it. So I cruised on over to the Flylady, but she really is rather annoying; house blessing, swish n' swipe; whatever. But she did give me some ideas for keeping the place neat and tidy. I think in the new year, that will be my goal. A neat and tidy house. The flylady has some good ideas that I will gladly steal. For example; hot spots. These are areas of your home that tend to accumulate clutter the quickest. I have a couple of places in my house that are hot spots and I know exactly what they are. You start by spending 15 minutes at a time decluttering an area. I love this. I can do anything for 15 minutes. And I generally have 15 minute intervals throughout the day. Perfect. So I'm starting that today both at home and in my classroom. This I'm excited about. I've always wanted a neat house but exactly how to do it has been just beyond my grasp. This kind of fits in with my getting my sh*t together in other areas. Maybe 2016 will be the year of self-improvement. I'm going to make it that way.

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