12 January 2016

Change of Attitude

Sunday I had an absolutely rocking day as far as activity went. I walked for 3 miles in the morning. Then I walked all three dogs in the afternoon. I ended up with a total of 6.5 miles and over 16,000 steps for the day. I was stoked. I had never gotten that much activity in years. Then yesterday came and I got like 6,000 steps. Boo. Overslept in the morning, so didn't do anything then. Stayed a little late at school, then got home and was too tired to walk the dogs, so nothing there. Boo. Didn't hit my macro numbers, though came kind of close. So woke up this morning and was feeling kind of like I was starting over. Not completely, but in a way. Then I read this:

and realized, that is right. I'm not back at square one, I'm much, much further than that. Boo yah!!! So I had 1 bad day, that's okay. I'm just going to pick myself up and get right back to it. I woke at 4 am and had to go the bathroom soooooo bad, but I refused to get up. I refused because if I went to the bathroom then, there would be a good chance i'd oversleep and miss the 4:30 am wake up. Today I was determined to get back on track. So I held it as long as I could and then got up and stayed up. And now, an hour later, I am on the treadmill for the past 25 minutes and almost done. Yea Me!!!!!

I'm having the hardest time hitting my macros and I'm not exactly sure why. It's protein. Protein is the problem. I just cannot eat enough. I'm supposed to eat 180 a day. Break that up into 4 meals, and that is 45 grams per meal. That equates to about 6.5 oz of cooked meat 4 times a day. Bleh..... That is assuming about 7 grams of protein per ounce of cooked meat. Some things are higher, like fish. I need to find ways to get that much protein. Still working on it.

Okay, treadmill time is up. Time to get on with my day.

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