22 March 2016

Letting people know

Well, now that we are completely committed to this move, we are slowly starting to let people know. Hubby told one of his jobs yesterday and plans to tell the other today. We let the neighbors we like know. My boss knows. So word is getting out. When we told the neighbors that we like, we ended up with 2 people interested in buying the house. Now whether either one will work out, who knows, but it is a good start. If one of those works out, this could be the best possible situation for us. We could sell the house, get the money, and then rent it back until we leave. Boom. Perfect solution. Sure beats the hell out of trying to time the closing. So I'm optimistic. Trying not to get my hopes up too high, but definitely feeling positive about this whole thing.

As far as a job, I haven't heard from the one I really want and I'm kind of assuming that is not a good sign. So moving on, I have 2 job interviews this week. Not too shabby. One is for a school that runs year round - not interested. But, I would take it if nothing else came along. I wouldn't stay there long, but it would get me over there. Hopefully I'll find time today to send out a couple of apps. I'm shooting for 3-4 a week until something happens. There are a lot of jobs in Arizona, I just have to find one for me.

On the workout front, I'm off to Crossfit this morning. I was so sore yesterday I could hardly move, but today is better. I am still debating about walking over and back. Bleh....don't really feel like it. But I'll go and workout. When I come home I'm going to clean the kitchen/living room area. I want it to look presentable for the Realtor.

Okay, that's all I got. I'm going to get moving.

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