07 March 2016

Some thoughts

It's bed time on a Sunday night and I probably should be going to bed and not blogging. But something has been rattling around my brain all day long and I need to get it off my chest. On Facebook I follow Heidi and Chris Powell of Extreme weight loss and Heide posted something today that kind of hit me. She said:

Many people THINK they want change, when really all they want is the end result of change, without having to actually change their actions and put in the work.

She went on further, but that first line resonated with me. I do want the end result of change, but I slack at actually doing the work to make the change. I find this odd because in other areas of my life that is not the case. So why do I resist the work required to lose weight? I know what it takes. I know how to do it. So why do I resist? Hmmmmmm......something to think about and consider and figure out how to stop. I did make steps in the right direction tonight. I made some more chicken, got my breakfast and lunch ready for tomorrow, and got the bird food ready. Now all I have to do in the morning is get up and workout. Nice.

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